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Dr. Carl Burton, YourGreenvilleDentist.com — The office of Dr. Carl Burton seeks out nothing but excellence in our dentistry practice so that our patients are provided with the absolute best care available. State of the art procedures and equipment are used for the most effective care for our patients. We also take the time to fully understand and meet the particular needs of each individual patient.

29 Years Experience

Dr. Burton has been practicing since 1986, and his experience is in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and implant restorations. He is member of the American Dental Association, South Carolina Dental Association, and the Piedmont District Dental Society.

Why Teeth Cleaning Matters

Regular cleanings are the basis of maintaining good dental health. A typical appointment includes a thorough cleaning and flossing of the teeth and gums; a full examination of the mouth and regularly scheduled x-rays of the teeth.

Veneers & Cosmetic Repair

Decayed, deformed, or broken teeth can be repaired through the use of veneers—a thin porcelain shell that is attached to the tooth. Veneers are considered to be one of the most non-invasive cosmetic tooth repairs available because little to no surface of the tooth is removed in order to attach the veneers.

Study Examines Planmeca ProMax Ultra-Low-Dose Protocol

Dentists can reduce the amount of patient radiation using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) without losing the diagnostic quality of images, according to research presented at the International Association of Dental Research 2015 General Session.

Researchers J.B. Ludlow from the University of North Carolina's Oral Health Institute and J. Koivisto from the University of Helsinki tested Planmeca ProMax CBCT imaging units to determine if reduced radiation exposure would result in a reduction in the diagnostic quality of images taken. Dose values were determined using combinations of field size and exposure parameters necessary for children and adult settings in typical orthodontic diagnostic practies using the Planmeca ProMax CBCT Ultra-Low-Dose (ULD) protocol, which is designed to reduce patient radiation and help dentists comply with the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle of radiation exposure and the Image Gently Campaign.

The study found that using the ULD protocol resulted in an average reduction of 77% in radiation exposure when compared with standard imaging protocols. The researchers also found that while the imaging methods reduced radiation exposure, they found no "statistical reduction in image quality between ULD and standard protocols, suggestion that patient doses can be reduced without loss of diagnostic quality".

An abstract of the study is available at www.iadr.org.

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